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THLU; Texas Highland Lakes Airstream Club, a Member of WBAC


Who Can Join THLU

Every owner of an Airstream or Argosy RV Airstream and Argosy products:
---motorhomes, trailers, B-Vans;
---new, pre-owned;
---recent, classic, or vintage.
is invited to join the Wally Byam Airstream Club (WBAC) ... the Airstream RV Owners Association...
and this local WBAC branch: the Texas Highland Lakes Airstream Club.  

Membership Packet

Membership is now handled via WBAC website; we no longer provide membership packets.  WBAC International due are $65. THLU dues are $15, for a total of $80.


THLU promotes events and activities (see this) that make it easy for members to enjoy their Airstream. Membership gives you access to Airstream activities all over the world.

Out main resource is our members. We help you meet the more than 100 Airstream owners in central Texas who are members - you will find that some live near you. These members have a huge amount of practical road and Airstream knowledge and experience,and are happy to help you - just ask!

The THLU MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY makes it easy for you to contact them.

THLU is in good financial condition, and often passes that on to members. THLU occasionally waives THLU membership fees and some rally fees.

THLU members are also members of the WBAC, and WBAC will process your THLU membership.

THLU Newsletter

Texas Highland Lakes Airstream Club issues a color newsletter every two months (6 times a year).


Membership Number

New WBCCI members receive red number decals which can be displayed on their trailers or motorhomes.  The numbers for new members will be four or five digits in length, lower numbers are reserved for International and Region officers.  If a new member has a preferred number and that number is available, a request can be made to assign that number.  Numbers are freed up after a period of non-membership.  For buyers of units with numbers already in place, the previous owner may be willing to relinquish the number.  The red numbers help to identify us at rallies and on the road.


Annual dues include :

  • a year subscription to the International Club magazine ...the Blue Beret...

    Click here to read the WBCCI magazine "Blue Beret" on line.

  • a copy of the Annual International Member Directory (paper or digital) each year.


    You can also attend more than a thousand WBCCI national and local events all over North America!

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    Membership Form

    To become a new or transfer THLU member:

    • go to WBAC website.( formerly WBCCI )
    • At the top of the page click on JOIN
    • when they appear, click on JOIN ONLINE TODAY or RENEW ONLINE TODAY
    • fill out the WBAC application
    • it will ask you what club you would like to join - say THLU
    • click SUBMIT and that's it!


    To report website problems, rhs at dnkk dot com