Hamilton County Museum

The museum is open on a schedule.1-5PM on Saturdays, (except during the winter).
for groups by special request - go to: 'about us - contacts' .

Hamilton County is cowboy country, and our museum has artifacts and materials from Indians, cowboys, pioneers, and those history makers still with us.

The museum is housed in several buildings.The old jail building currently houses the museum's main collection. The adjacent firestation houses one of two firetrucks from the past. We are renovating the old candle factory next door for future expansion as the museum annex.

The Hamilton County Historical Museumis a local volunteer, non-profit organization, organized under section 501 (c)(3) of the the Internal Revenue Code, and supported by the Hamilton County Commissioners Court.
is often confused with
the Hamilton County Historical Commission. The Hamilton County Historical Museum is organizationally separate from the Hamilton County Historical Commission, whose members are appointed by the Hamilton County commissioners, and represents the county to the state of Texas for historical issues.
Membership of both is pretty much the same people.

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